(Biological Integrated Knowledge Environment)
Guided Tours

Guided tours are designed to take you inside of BioBIKE, following click by click as a story unfolds. The tours are PowerPoint files composed of screen shots of actual BioBIKE sessions. You are invited to open a separate window with live BioBIKE so that you can perform the operations with your own mouse.


Guided Tours Aimed at the Researcher

How to cope with overwhelming information?

Integration of tools (uses PhAnToMe)

Creating new tools (uses PhAnToMe)

Finding proteins / Use of subsystems (uses PhAnToMe)

Integration of experimental evidence (uses PhAnToMe)

Working with local genomes (uses PhAnToMe)

BioBIKE syntax and conventions

Motif Search (uses CyanoBIKE)
Examine sequences upstream of a set of orthologous genes for possible regulatory sequences

Phage gene analysis (uses ViroBIKE)
Defines a class of phage, analyzes their genes

Metagenome analysis (uses ViroBIKE))
Statistical analysis of sequences within a metagenome

Sequence comparison (uses ViroBIKE))
Compares a metagenome sequence to other metagenome sequences and to viral sequences

Combining pathways with microarrays (uses CyanoBIKE)
Finds expression levels for genes within specified metabolic pathways

Guided Tours Aimed at the Student

Why study bacteriophage?

What is a Gene? and companion (uses CyanoBIKE)
Uses computational experiments to discover what in a genome a cell looks at to demarcate a gene

Alien Genetic Code (uses CyanoBIKE)
Uses computational experiments to discover a genetic code

Was Mendel Right? (uses CyanoBIKE)
How close is close enough? Creates a world where Mendel WAS right and tries to recreate his results. Intuitive introduction to chi-square analysis.
Part 1: Mendel's result     Part 2: Virtual Mendel World


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